Steel hot water boiler


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Steel hot water boiler

Steel hot water boiler is among the most important heating equipment which is being used in different industries such as food, textile, hospitals, chemical, petrochemical and oil industries.


This product is basically built in two types, water tube and fire tube.

In order to attain high pressure, mostly water tubes are being used. And for lower pressures fire tubes are just fine.

Water tube models are mostly acquired in refineries and powerhouses.

Although both models carry the name “hot water boiler” but actually water tubes are the real hot water boilers which can tolerate 60 bars of pressure and even higher.

Despite the fact that in these boilers pressure is higher than fire tubes, water tubes are more reliable for the structure they have.

In Iran two factories are specialized in producing water tube boilers, Machine Sazi Arak and Packman Group.

Different structures

Stainless Steel Hot Water Boilers could be produced in two different structures; vertical and horizontal

Garma Tajhiz’s advantage

The significant advantage of hot water boilers produced by Garma Tajhiz is that they are built according to standard values which makes them incomparable to other products.

Another key factor for this company’s products is that we collaborate with the biggest offices of inspection, auditory and quality control in the country.

Hot water boiler capacity

For the vertical type we produce from 50 kg/h to 400 kg/h and for horizontal type we produce from 100 kg/h to 15 ton/h


Hot water boilers made by Garma Tajhiz are heat resistant and from alloys according to  DW17155-17MN4 standard.

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