Hot Oil Boiler


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Garma Tajhiz Hot Oil Boiler Production

Hot oil boiler is produced according to the following specifications. Based on the order it could be provided with or without accessories.

Hot oil boiler application

Garma Tajhiz company is capable of manufacturing hot oil boilers in different capacities for use in different industries such as textile, leather, mini refineries and petrochemical industries.

Production Stages


Here at Garma Tajhiz we manufacture hot oil boilers in two different structures: two passes and three passes in horizontal mode.

Thermal capacity of Garma Tajhiz boilers vary from 100000 kcal to 6000000 kcal.

Three passes type in oil boilers is way more efficient than two passes type.

Consumed plates material

Consumed plates used in the shell of the hot oil boilers are heat resistant of the type 17MN4 in accordance with DIN-17155 standard.

These consumed plates are being purchased from reputable suppliers with all the essential documents.

Garma Tajhiz welders

Welding procedures are being done by experienced welders with certified documentations in accordance with up to date standards. In the manufacturing process several tests are being done, such as UT test on the shell and RT test on the tubes.

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