Hot Oil Boiler 500000 kcal/h

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Hot oil boiler production in Garma Tajhiz

500000 kcal/h Hot oil boiler is being produced according to specifications mentioned below. They are presentable to our dear costumers with or without instrumentations.

Hot Oil Boiler Application

We are capable of manufacturing Hot oil boilers in various capacities for occupying in different industries such as textile, leather production, bitumen storage tanks, mini refineries and petrochemical.

Production stages

Structures of Hot Oil Boiler 500000

Hot Oil Boilers of Garma Tajhiz are being produced in two pass type and three pass type, horizontal mode for better efficiency.

Consumed plates material

plates used for the shell of the hot oil boiler are fire resistant 17MN4 in accordance with DIN-17155 standard.

Plates are being purchased from reputable suppliers with the necessary documentations.

Consumed Tubes

The tubes we use in boiler production are of special importance, these tubes should be seamless and resistant to fire. The tubes should be made out of ST35.8 steel alloy.

These fire tubes are being used in hot oil boiler production after they pass the analyze by the official audits and being approved by them.

Welding at Garma Tajhiz

All the welding is being done by expert welders who hold up to date certification according to world class standards.

In hot oil boiler production we take UT test from the shells and RT test from tubes to ascertain quality on welding.

For more Infor about the boilers visit here

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