60 ft./m2 copper coil

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60 ft./m2 copper coil

This kind of coil (60 ft./m2 copper coil (0.7))  is specialized for heating facilities.

copper coil

Copper tubes material

The coil is made of seamless copper tubes named LWC that is made in accordance with ASTM and EN standards.

The material used for the tubes of the copper coil is from 99.9% copper and 0.015-0.004 Phosphorus.

Best quality brands are Iranian Brands in the market. These products have the highest efficiency.

Every tube is tested before exporting from the manufacturer’s company and then would be sold to the market.

How to make U form tubes

After receiving rolls of copper tubes, we straight them with roll openers and then we reform the tubes into the intended U form by rolling machine.


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