We manufacture different capacities of steam boilers at Garma Tajhiz, 7000k.g Steam Boiler is one of the high capacity boilers

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7000k.g Steam Boiler

Boiler Capacity

According to the manufacturing procedures of steam boilers in this company and in order to make efficient boilers, the real output for the 7000k.g Steam Boiler is 6150 kg/h

Boiler pressures

7000 kg Steam Boiler of Garma Tajhiz can give out steam with 6,10,12 & 15 Bars of pressure. In order to attain high temperature steam or even dry steam, using super heaters is recommended.

Different production procedures of 7000k.g Steam Boiler

Before any production processes begins, we need a first design drawing, which is being drawn by the mechanical engineers of this company and would be approved by the standard organization authority company.

After being approved, the manufacturing team would start cutting and manufacturing processes.

Consumed plates

The plates used in steam boilers production are 17MN4 alloy type. These steel plates are resistant to high pressure and temperature . Plates used in this company had been analyzed beforehand by official labs and after that they approved the material we use them to manufacture boilers.

Consumed Tubes

The tubes we use in boiler production are of special importance, these tubes should be seamless and resistant to fire. The tubes should be made out of ST35.8 steel alloy.

These fire tubes are being used in steam boiler production after they pass the analyze by the official audits and being approved by them.


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