Coal heater (150000 kcal/h)

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Coal heater (150000 kcal/h)

Today, for heating up greenhouses, certain heaters called furnace, warmer, industrial heater or fire resistant heaters are being used. Coal heater (150000 kcal/h)

Why we use Heaters

These kind of heaters have clean warmth and their efficiency is really high.

Places for use

Greenhouses, live stocks, aviculture and mushroom production and big halls.

Greenhouse heaters are being built in different models according to capacity. As for the International System of Units, the unit used for measuring capacity is Cal/h.

Type of Coal heater (150000 kcal/h)

In greenhouse heaters, heat exchanger does the exchange in a three pass mode.

How it works

Flaming gases with really high temperatures would go towards collector and fire tubes.

Combustion products would eventually exit through the chimney.

Heat transfer

Temperatures are so high in these devices that it leads to heat emission from all tubes, collector and heat exchanger to the environment.

Air flow and circulation

This method of heating causes little pollution, by using a fan we can conduct fresh air and transfer it around the high temperature fire tubes, then lead the air to the considered spot. It is also possible to extend the passing time of heated gases by designing and implementing more fire tubes and radiator along the way.

Why to extend passing time for heated gases

This act helps to use consumed fuel efficiently. It is obvious that the heating power of our heaters could increase if the distance or number of passes increase.

Here at Garma Tajhiz we produce three pass heaters with the help of our expert engineers and according to world class standards.

These heaters could be fueled by gas, gasoline, or both.

They are really efficient on fuel consumption.

We use high quality material for the heater’s body in order to assure durability for many years to come.

These heaters are extra safe against fire and electric shock.

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